Eating Like an Italian in Paris: Daroco

While having an after lunch walk, while breathing in Paris and admiring luxurious Gallerie Vivienne I stumbled upon Daroco – a hidden fine dining gem. Daroco is a next level trattoria located in the legendary former Jean-Paul Gaultier boutique.

Sexy, Soho vibes interior with exposed brick walls and ceiling mirrors, royal blue velvet booths mixed with luxe gold and green toned chandeliers took my breath away immediately, it felt like someone has put a spell on me. I was so stunned that I immediately knew I had to come back – and that is what I did. I made a selfish table for one reservation for lunch.

What I noticed and loved a lot is the fact that all the servers were wearing striped shirts, a Jean-Paul Gaultier signature. Also, everyone working in the restaurant had that stylish appearance, was ridiculously good looking, really friendly but attitude-free.

Daroco is a place of uncomplicated Italian cuisine, spiced up with a lots of flavorful elegance and luxury. All of the ingredients are freshly imported from Sardinia and Sicily, so I knew I had to have a pizza here as well. A classic, Napoletana was my choice as I honestly think it is the real indicator how fresh are ingredients. If Napoletana is good, then you just know that everything else will be great. Their pizzas are baked in a wood-burning oven and that is always a huge plus, nothing really compares to that smokey, almost burnt pizza crust. I mean, that is the only way your authentic Italian pizza should be baked.

What I absolutely loved about this place is that they have the most stylish bar – Danico in the very back of the resturant. After 6 pm, you should definitely check this place out and try some of their super creative cocktails designed by their head barthender Thibault Méquignon. I decided to try a really interesting cocktail named La Fin Des Aventures de Porcinet made with vodka, bacon, black pepper, watermelon shrub and rejus.

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