Ceylon Sliders Boutique Hotel & Café

Ceylon Slides is an incredibly artsy boutique hotel and café opened by a Swedish couple – Peter and Linn who decided to change their lives upside down and to live to the fullest by moving to tropical island of Sri Lanka where they have opened Sunshinestories surf camp and yoga retreat and later Ceylon Sliders. It is located in Weligama, a popular Sri Lankan surf spot. Venue is located just across the road of Weligama bay with a breathtaking view on a Taprobane island, a private island with just one villa – formerly known as Galduwa, meaning the rock island.

Ceylon Sliders started off as a response to all people who heard about Sunshinstories, and wanted to visit for a coffee, a meal or who just wanted to stay a few nights instead of taking part of the week long experience that Sunshinestories is.

Idea about opening a hotel grew and it became Ceylon Sliders –  a place for surfers, travelers and locals to come and hang out in a different kind of atmosphere. Anyone can swing by for a coffee, meal, a yoga, surf class, shopping or stay for how many of few nights you’d like. There a little bit of everything on a small property by the sea. I would personally recommend not missing out a sunrise rooftop yoga with magical Alison Coles – thanks to who my days while staying at the Ceylon Sliders started with a hard work and purpose (one of the hardest yoga classes of my life).

Just like Sunshinestories, the space at Ceylon Sliders is designed in a way to naturally bring together people to drive collaboration and boost creativity. Peter and Linn make an effort to constantly bring in inspiring surfers, foodies or creatives from around the world to do workshops, host artist residencies, exhibitions etc. A very successful event has been the yoga & breakfast’s combining two of the things they love, waking up early for a yoga session and sharing a good meal with friends afterwords. So it is easy to say, Ceylon Sliders is a lot about sharing experiences in different ways, in and out of the water. 

Even if you are not staying at the Ceylon Sliders, it should be still your breakfast or après surf stop for a nice cup of coffee, avocado toasts (Sri Lankan avocados are the creamiest on this planet, pinky swear), rainbow bowl or a smoothie that won Ivana’s award for the best smoothie on the island – famous salty island. I have a separate article about how to make one at home and you can read more about it here.

If you are looking for good vibes and a friendly smile, Uncle is here for you – day time security guard and absolutely fabolous promoter. For most days he is the first person you’ll meet when you rock up at Ceylon Sliders and the last person you’ll meet when you leave. You know it’s him when you see him. Be prepared to throw him a shaka.

Ceylon Sliders also has a little charming shop, offering organic products, yoga maths and cute surf suits. But what I was most fascinated with were the kimonos. So here is a little background story – Linn was traveling the world and found that a kimono always came in handy, so the Ceylon Kimono Co. started as she was looking for the perfect kimono. When settling in Sri Lanka she found a woman in her new village who could sew and now she makes all of the kimonos at her home.

It took a bit of time to come up with the right designs and also find the right fabric, she ended up using high quality viscose end rolls that come from the garment industry here on Sri Lanka. That’s a way of up cyling. Now, Ceylon Kimono has 3 designs, all named after influential female artists: The Peggy (named after swedish/american photographer Peggy Anderson), The Lola (named after mexican surfer Lola Mignot), The Nina (named after Cornish artist Nina Brooke). The further plan Linn has is to create more jobs for local women and grow the company to sell online too. At the moment the demand is so popular that all of her stock goes to Ceylon Sliders.

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