A Mouthwatering Almond Moisture

Thinking about that silky smooth skin that smells like an almond cookie and feels like a dream? Well I might have a solution that is classic, sustainable and works with every skin type. Keep on reading to find out…

Amande Collection Products will give you a feeling you can’t forget – the soft and light Almond Milk Concentrate envelops your skin in a blissful sheet of moisture, smoothing skin’s texture and leaving it irresistibly touchable.

Exfoliating butter offers a gentle exfoliation of the entire body, as it luxuriously melts into your skin. A delicious blend of almond butter and almond oil, infused with crushed almond shells and sugar crystals, effectively treat skin by eliminating dead cells and refining its texture.

Did you know that this collection is sustainable since L’Occitane is committed to purchasing almonds from producers in the South of France so the almond tree, which had been long forgotten in the region, once again becomes a familiar element in the Provençal landscape.

Photographed by Stella Mesic.

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