Inside Lily Aldridge’s Bohemian Home

Architectural Digest stepped inside Lily Aldridge’s – one of the most famous models Nashville home to discover it has all the vintage and family vibes and makes you want to live back in the days. It is not my personal solution or taste when it comes to interior design and decor, but I have to admit, it is refreshing. Why? Because it is so modest and different in so many ways. In the days of minimalistic design and simple solutions it is so beautiful to see a soul that still proudly displays priceless family belongings; such as a painting her father found and used to hang in her room when she was a kid and the vintage photography of her auntie and grandma on Catalina Island in 1950s. We can easily agree her home is exactly what we imagine her personality to look like – modest, dreamy, playful and chic.

Source: Architectural Digest.

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