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You know me. If I like something – I will talk about it for hours, days, months, years. This is the case now as well, because I few months ago I found out something my skin loves so much and I am pretty sure yours will too. What is that? Boo Lab Handmade Cosmetics made and derived from natural ingredients, made by Martina and made in Croatia. Even better? Available worldwide on request. Today I will talk especially about her non-conventional makeup line, since I tried all of them.

Did you know I am a make up artist as well? And I worked at our family studio few years. And I loved it! I still do. I means this explains my love for skin and beauty, no? It all makes sense now I guess. Nevertheless, what I used not to love so much back then (I still do now) is completely masking your skin and face to the point of being un-recognizable. What I always loved is glowy, heathy and vibrant skin and your best features accentuated. In a really beautiful, imperfect and natural looking way. Second thing I really don’t appreciate – let me put it this way – is when you take so much care, attention and time into your skin care and then poor make up ruins it all. What am I talking about? Well some of the conventional make up products really make your skin look worse after wearing it – since they contain ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, polyethylene/PEGs that might be irritating to your skin, causing inflammation, disrupt skin’s natural barrier and oil balance, cause cystic acne and more. Also, watch out for those red pigments in bronzers and blushers, since nasty reds (R-) are to clog your pores such and cause those stubborn comedones in the area of cheeks and in front of ears. If you want to know more about comedogenic ingredients – check this really useful page. So, why I am I telling you all this? Because, first of all – Been there, done that. And I am telling you – it is so important to use right make up products if you want to achieve clear and beautiful skin.

For me it is fairly easy to make a make up product work – blend it here, blend it there and I am ready to go, so that is not my issue at all. My main concern when using make up products is to see whether they are going to cause trouble to my skin. And Boo Lab hasn’t – not even once. And I have never gotten as much compliments on my skin and make up as I do now. So, I was sold regarding that. Secondly – lips and cheeks are so beautiful on your skin and every color looks so natural. Also, it is so easy to pop them in your bag and use them on the go. For lips, cheeks, as an eyeshadow. I also used pineapple pearl on my hair beacause it is so hydrating and it smells so nice. A little sparkle never hurt nobody, no?

More about ‘Lips & Cheeks’:

If I wasn’t clear by now we are talking about 100% natural and green make up product here. Packaging is also reusable, which is always a huge plus!

Ingredients: biodegradable mica powder in soothing aloe vera gel, with shea butter and beeswax.

Available Colors: Popsicle, Peach Slice, Poppy Red, Gummy Bear, Pumpkin Spice.

Packaging: 30ml = 85 kn.

More about Boo Lab highlighters:

Ingredients: biodegradable mica powder, aloe vera gel and cold pressed argan oil.

Available Colors: gold fairy dust, silver fairy dust, pineapple pearl and disco ball glitter.

Packaging: 30ml = 85 kn.

The application of this make up is slightly different than with high-class or drugstore make up products. You will need to get used to the texture and to the fact that you need to warm them up before application. But once you get used to it, it will become fast and easy. But beware, you might become addicted to the natural flush, just like myself.

Photographed by Zara Hrvatin.

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