Mandarino Di Amalfi

Steamy summer afternoon, hair that refuses to stay straight, refreshing sea breeze, smell of mandarins combined with bergamot and deep woody notes, silky summer stripes, breathable linen. All of that happening at the same time in a local little port, on an old boat that is just being repainted. That is when my favourite photographer and myself get truly inspired in wanting to capture a vintage moment, a moment that already had happened, around 1940s, somewhere on Amalfi Coast.

I would love to call this a classic fashion post, with outfit details and stuff, but it just turned out to be an admiration post. In this one I am admiring an amazingly creative human being – Stella, a girl behind a camera and a fellow blogger (read her blog and follow her work here). If she had a second name, it would for sure be Patience. She is so patient and calm on set and yet so thorough and intense. She does wonders with that camera of hers.

Photographed by Stella Mesic.