Private Island Proposal: She Said Yes

It is just another peek season afternoon on Hvar, sun is still burning, no one is outside on streets. People are either on Pakleni islands, on a beach, somewhere on a tour or having an another cocktail – and here I am, in my little shop/office, same old. It is really hard to know which day it is, when you are working every day for half a year straight, but since I remember this day clearly – I can tell you it was 3rd of July, which happens to be exactly two months ago.

Since I will be closing in a hour and a half and all the duties for tomorrow and today are done, I decide to go outside and recharge my vitamin D levels. As soon as I find a comfortable spot under the sun and start to enjoy it, someone starts to ‘investigate’ around the agency. Their names are Dal and Banreet, and they are important in this story, that is why I am mentioning them. So I have to go and check if I can help them somehow, and I realise – I have a really good looking and confused couple case here. So we are trying to find something for them to do, but the problem is, while she is really quiet, he is politely asking for a bit of everything – sunset tour, fortress sunsets, how to get to the small island in front, Blue cave etc. But then they decide to leave, and I decide it is time for my vitamin D break again. As I just sit down, I can see they are talking not that far away (they seemed like they are getting into a fight) and at that moment she leaves and he comes back to an agency. Even before I even managed to realise he might be nervous, he just says: “I am planning to propose, can you help me?”. Everything was clear at that moment – I knew exactly what to do and I just confidently said to him: “You are really lucky you bumped into me.”. I decided I am taking them to Galešnik island – the little island in front of Hvar, the first one of Pakleni islands, in a time of the sunset, on a Gajeta – a traditional Dalmatian fishing sailboat. They were really lucky because a friend of mine, Mario was in town and I could book him for a photography – it is so hard to do anything on this island if you don’t pre-book it, especially a good photographer and Mario is amazing. I decided to tell her they are going on a photoshoot and a sunset tour. Two hours after, they were on a way to chase a sunset on Galešnik. Whole scenery was majestic and so simple at the same moment – Galešnik, its peacocks and little rabbits that run around freely did the magic itself. Scroll down for a little selection of photos and dare to say – that all of wasn’t adorable.

Photographed by Mario Guček Andromak.