Yes or No: Cream Blush For Glowing Cheeks

I don’t know is it only about me or is it you as well – when I find a product I really like (or I think I like and it suits me – hi brownish blushers, hi, hi) I will stick to it and I won’t even try anything else. Same way, I was really hesitant to even give cream blushes a try for a long time, but when I finally decided to give it a go around three years ago I was hooked. Suddenly I didn’t understand what was I doing and where I was going whole my life. Now, cream blushes are my holy grail and I will stick to them until I find a new love. Tbh, that is hardly going to happen, since I truly believe our love is mutual and eternal.

Here are my reasons behind all the cream blush love I have:

– versatility – first of all, if I could be a minimalist when it comes to everything, especially my make up bag I think my life would be so much easier. But until then, every effort counts – as I can use my cream blush multiple ways. I can use it as a blush (no way Hosay), but then I can use it as lipstick or even an eyeshadow or if I am aiming for a monochromatic look I can use it all over the face. I mean not literally all over the face (but, you could) – cheeks, lips & eyelids. Plus, you don’t necessarily need tools – brushes to apply them.

– blendability –  if you warm them & apply them properly they will blend seamlessly with your skin, foundation or highlighter. I usually apply my blush after the foundation and before highlighter by warming it between my fingers or on the back of my hand and then I lightly tap my cheeks. Btw, is ‘blendability’ even a word people? But, you get me, you know what I mean.

– no brushes needed – for applying, you just need your fingers. Clean hands and fingers please, do I even have to repeat that? No. I thought so! Joke aside, I never tried any brush that can achieve that natural, traceless make up as fast as my fingers can. No brushes (or at least less brushes) means less bacteria, less breakouts and less clogged pores. And also, more time that we don’t have to waste on washing dirty make up brushes. Oh yeah, are all guilty of being lazy when it comes to washing our brushes and then we reach for out for our dirty make-up brush one last time. Been there, done that. But that is a whole another subject which I can’t wait to talk about more.

–  a natural-looking flush – my favorite thing about cream blushes is that you will be able to trick people into – I just woke up and I woke up like this look, you will look well rested and happy and powder just can’t deliver this, really.

Photographed by Stella Mesic.

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