Sushi Facial By Biologique Recherche

Remember how refreshed and revitalized you feel after a long walk along the seashore, or after a beautiful swim? Josette Allouche, who founded Biologique Recherche with her husband Yvan, is a firm believer that this intensive treatment is as revitalizing as a stroll along the seashore. The most fascinating part of this treatments is – you will get wrapped in fine leaves made of algae extracts. Wait, what? You get covered in algae? Just like a sushi? Yes you do. Well, almost. To find out why – continue reading.
Firstly, it is extremely important to go quickly through general stages of every Biologique Recherche treatment. Also, keep in mind that every single treatment you get there is going to be customized to your skin needs and your preferences.
1. The Initialization Stage
During this stage, the epidermis is thoroughly cleansed, its pH is balanced, it is gently exfoliated and its proteo-lipidic film is restored. Impurities and dead cells are gradually brought to the surface and eliminated. After this stage, which comprises make-up removal followed by gentle exfoliation and a mask, the skin is ready to receive the treatment stage products. Remember the famous P50? It is a part of this phase, and if you still don’t know anything about it and you want to know, or you want to know more – you can read about it here.
2. Treatment Stage
The treatment applied during this fundamental stage is designed to leave the complexion beautiful and radiant. This stage is the most active moment of the Biologique Recherche skin care program. The products that are used during this stage contain high concentrations of botanical, marine and biological extracts. When applied in accordance with the Biologique Recherche methodology, they balance, hydrate and revitalize the epidermis. The active ingredients work progressively to improve the quality of the skin and leave the complexion radiant.
Chronological stages of Soin Triple Lift treatment
  • This extremely pampering and relaxing session lasts for two hours and it starts with massage and cleansing with Lait U that my skin adores, after that massage is continued with luxurious Lait VIP O2. Extremely important! You don’t get only the facial massage – they have their tricks and back massage is included too.
  • After cleansing and stimulating massage, the next essential step is his majesty, “Jesus in a bottle” – P50W, followed by Soin MC 110, Soin Restructurant et Lissant and Soin Lift C.V.S. I know these names don’t mean a lot until you actually become fluent in Biologique Recherche.
  • After all of these effective but hard to pronounce lotions and boosters they applied oxygenating Masque VIP O2 for 10 minutes. Exactly this mask became one of my skin care staples. While having the mask on your skin they will again pull out one of their tricks and give your hands a luxurious massage.
  • Here comes the the most exciting part where you get wrapped like a sushi roll in fine leaves made of algae extracts (Masque Biovecteur Marin) moistened with l’Eauxygénante fluid. To speed up the action and optimize the effects of the marine oligo-elements and minerals, extremely soothing cold mask is applied on top followed by Cryo Sticks massage. And oh, that unique chink between the Cryo sticks already gets me excited, they are probably my favorite part of Biologique Recherche routines.
  • After the mask is removed skincare is followed by hydrating Sérum Elastine Marine and Sérum Extraits Tissulaires
  • let’s not forget the eyes – essential Crème Contour des Yeux VIP O2 comes next, followed by Crème Hydravit’s  and pearly brightening Crème PIGM 400 that makes your complexion pop and glow even more
  • the session is finished with serum Fluide VIP O2 and Biokiss that makes your lips more kissable than ever
Final verdict

Ever since I started visiting Biologique Recherche for my skincare I just simply can’t find something I can compare to their quality, approach and service. I haven’t tried a treatment I didn’t like there yet – but this one is hands down – the best one I ever had. First of all, you have a feeling like you have arrived to a luxurious skin spa that is about to change your whole life. And that is true – that is about to happen. You will go home with a better skin – I can promise you that. My favorite part about their approach is that every treatment you get there is going to be customized and you will be listened to carefully about your skin situation, issues, concerns, expectations and goals. Their estethicians are trained in Biologique Recherche headquarters in Paris and they keep educating themselves and training with every new launch. Second part I love the most, or this should be the first since myself as virgo perfectionist pay a lot of attention to that everything is so neat and organized. From the uniforms, treatment rooms to the most important – tools. It is truly a skin spa and even more than that.

This post is not sponsored. It is an honest review of something I genuinely like. If you have any questions regarding Biologique Recherche products and treatments in Croatia, please find the contact info here

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