J.Lo’s Beauty Secret: Buccal Massage

Okay, we have all seen Super Bowl and how J.Lo looks in her fifties, I mean – you can say she has good genes, lots of money and so on, but if I told you one of her beauty secrets is quite simple, ancient and old as civilization probably – would you believe me? We first heard about this massage after Meghan Markle became duchess and now all of the sudden it is all over the place, as well-kept beauty secret. Ladies and gentleman, the secret is about to get revealed and it is (drums!) buccal massage.

Buccal massage in all its simplicity basically refers to massage of the area around the mouth and chin, which is where this massage takes place. In all its complexity it is a massage inside (second name: intraoral) your inner cheeks and gums which makes it a deep tissue massage. By massaging inside and outside simultaneously, therapists manage to remove blockages, adhesions and completely improve the posture of the face by lifting, sculpting, and firming.


First things first let me tell you how it actually feels like and then we’ll get to the part where I tell you if it really works. I tried this ancient massage at Aya – and let me tell you – buccal massage is not your traditional massage that is going to be super relaxing, it is not like something you have in mind when you for an example go and have a hot stone massage. This is so much more – on so many levels. After this one, your face is going to feel like you had a good workout. And that is exactly what it is – moving and sculpting your face, lips, jawline the same way you sculpt your body on that pilates class or in the gym. Don’t get me wrong – this is an extremely pampering and luxurious massage, but it just doesn’t feel too relaxing during the massage itself. But if feels relaxing afterwards, it feels rejuvenated and it feels like it for a long time. In Aya, they have a unique approach where they work with crystals, energy and healing – so I would love to say that this is going to be so much more than a massage, buccal massage or a facial treatment. This is an experience, where all the senses are included, awaken, relaxed and restarted.

Benefits of buccal massage:

By massaging, stretching and relaxing selected muscles we actually strengthen then (remember what I told you – you will feel like you were in a facial gym). It also promotes self-healing in the skin, removes blockages where toxic waste becomes trapped, ultimately helping and improving skin function. That is why it is possible that you get breakouts afterwards since your skin will start with a process of detoxification. It also helps to de-puff, soften deep lines (bye smile lines!) and wrinkles, firm, tighten, lift and improve the posture of the face. After the buccal massage your face will appear contoured, sculpted, without a doubt. What is stunning to me as I am a person that struggles with bruxism – it is meant to be great if you grind your teeth, or hold stress and therefore have tension in your jaw. It is also used to control TMJ disorder. Problems with your jaw and the muscles in your face that control it are known as temporomandibular disorder (TMD).

The verdict:

Shortly – I loved this form of facial massage because I can’t compare it to anything else, the state of relaxation can’t be compared to anything I’ve tried before (and I tried a lot). I was truly deeply relaxed – down to every tissue in my face, not only shortly afterwards – I also saw how it deeply relaxed my jawline still weeks after the treatment. How about visible results? First of all my skin is still really young and firm, so I didn’t really need a facial lift and I didn’t see results like that. But let me warn you – mature skin gets stunning results as visible here. Yeah, you will probably be mind blown after seeing this before and after. I was too! My skin was definitely sculpted with more prominent and accentuated cheekbones, my cheeks were radiant and almost translucent rosy, and the most importantly my jaw was relaxed (I feel constant pain due to bruxism) and for sure, my skin started with a detox process. What is great about this massage is that it can be modified according to your problem areas, for example mine was bruxism therapy, if you want a bit fuller lips, higher cheek bones cheekbones but without injections and fillers this massage can give you that. But you have to be realistic – not from only one treatment and you will have to maintain it once a month. Would I recommend this spectacular massage? I absolutely would, it is a true pampering experience that cannot be compared to anything else on this planet. It is truly unique and I am lacking words to even begin to explain it. Also, visiting Aya Studio is not your regular visit to a studio for a quick massage or facial – they really do your best to spoil you and to help you to escape for those two hours.

More details about Aya Holistic Studio, as well the pricing can be found here, on their website.

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