Glowy Skin Protection: Biologique Recherche Sérum de Teint

Can you imagine how loud was the scream and the excitement when I first found out Biologique Recherche is working on a skin perfecting make up formula? I don’t really think you can. This is all my skin has been dreaming about since I started using Biologique Recherche skincare. This was not always the case, but a last few years of my life I have learned something very important – teint (foundation) shouldn’t have only one function: coverage. You should always pay attention to the ingredients and what it actually does to your skin, so its function (in my opinion primary) should be protection. Teint and make up in general should only enhance your beauty and how great your skin is, it shouldn’t completely mask you down.

After three years of research, ladies and gentleman, give a warm welcome to Sérums de Teint, a perfect combination of skincare performance and an ideal skin tone adjustment that forms a protective shield on your skin. Their active ingredients include: butterfly bush flowers extract, prickly pear seed oil, film former which fills in micro-cracks that form between the cells in the surface layers of the epidermis and helps achieve a smooth and even complexion.

The tinted skincare range provides natural coverage while letting the skin breathe. Thanks to their long-lasting hydrating action, the epidermis feels comfortable all day long. As a result, the complexion of the skin becomes brighter and the “healthy glow” effect follows naturally and even more importantly, your skin gets nurtured and hydrated under this protective layer.

Why do we need that you may wonder? After all the toners, serums and creams – why would we need a layer to protect our skin? Well there are three major issues related to skin protection: pollution damage caused by our current lifestyles, how to moisturize the skin to maintain its barrier function at a maximum?

When choosing a teint, it is extremely important to choose ones with photo-protecting and anti-pollution active ingredients will help create a “shield” at the skin’s surface against urban particulate pollutants and free radicals induced by solar radiation, such as UV rays, blue light, and infrared radiation. This one seems to be a whole package and to have it all since their protective active ingredients provide the Sérums de Teint with incredible antipollution and unifying properties based on numerous active botanical ingredients.

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